About Salon


Society of Photographers Penang (SPP) is a non-profit organization registered since 1993. Our members comprising of Professionals and Amateur Photographers. SPP’s vision is to be a leading photography society to cater for the interests and needs for the photography community.

Objectives and aspirations of SPP:-

  • to promote and raise the quality and standard of photographic art locally and internationally;
  • to provide a learning platform for photography enthusiasm;
  • to organize photography workshop, courses and seminar sessions;
  • to organize periodical photography outing activities;
  • to organize photography exhibition;
  • to organize photography contest locally and internationally;
  • to build up good rapport with organizations and affiliated clubs concerned pertaining to the photography art; and
  • to distinct assessment and accreditation in photography


Salon Advisor: Mr. Harry Woo Hong Sang
Salon Chairman: Mr. Chan Kok Thye
President: Mr. Yeoh Chan Chew
Vice President: Mr. Teo Hean Teik
Vice President: Mr. Ong Ling Ping
Secretary: Mr. Lai Wooi Ping
A. Secretary: Mr. Jesson Wong Kok Wah
Treasurer: Mr. Choo Hock Chuan
A. Treasurer: Mr. Chan Kok Thye
Committee: Mr. Tan Eng Huat, Mr. Ong Hooi Giin, Mr. Lim Cheng Seong, Mr. Ch’ng Kheng Phong, Mr.H’ng Choon Seng, Mr. Ng Choo Kia, Mr. Alex Goh Chun Seong, Mr. Teh Tick Siang, Mr. Galvin Foo Chwan Lee, Mr. Tan Wee Leong, Mr. Francis Phuah Bee Teong.